Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services (Planning & Environment Court)

Grummitt Planning also has extensive experience in the specialised area of mediation and the Planning & Environment Court. We are also able to provide expert advice in relation to planning appeals, should you not have a preferred Town Planning Law firm.

We have also been asked by town planning lawyers to represent their clients in the Planning & Environment Court, even though other planning consultants may have undertaken the development application part of the process. 

We have represented many individuals, body corporates and community groups in the preparation of submissions objecting to development applications and continued that representation in the Planning & Environment Court.

Our costs for court involvements vary depending on the complexity of the matter and time involved in preparing for and presenting evidence in the Court. Apart from the actual presentation of expert evidence before the Court, our hourly rates for our Planning Court services are the same as for our normal town planning services. We charge a premium for presentation of evidence and cross-examination before the court of 20%. To get an exact quote for your case, contact us via our Contact Page


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