Responses to: Show Cause Notice​

Responses to: Show Cause Notice

Grummitt Planning is frequently asked to assist clients who have been issued a Show Cause or Enforcement Notice by Council for purported breaches in Council’s Town Planning regulations. These notices are written such that most recipients are intimidated by potential fines.

Our qualified and highly experienced planners can review the notice and advise the best strategy to either obtain an approval from Council, by way of a submission to Council or the lodgement of an application for a development approval, or, alternatively, suggest alternative solutions to remedy the breach or alternate locations for the business activity that will be, or can be, lawful.

We will make all representations to Council on your behalf to prevent Council taking further action in relation to the alleged breach. Such further action may see Council taking the recipient to Court to stop the alleged unlawful activity and the imposition of a fine for the breach in the town planning scheme.

If you have received a Show Cause Notice or an Enforcement Notice, we will provide a free no-obligation quote that will outline the preferred course of action and the cost and time frames involved.


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