Community Support & Not-For-Profit Consulting Services

Community Support & Not-For-Profit Consulting Services

Grummitt Planning has a very passionate, active involvement and a very extensive history with a number of special interest groups as well as a range of not-for-profit , charitable and religious organisations and educational institutions.  From our long involvement with community groups, we have an unparalleled understanding of their unique needs and aspirations and have successfully negotiated many development approvals covering their wide range of activities.

These services include advice on community impacts from development applications in their area and possible actions that can be taken to ensure that the community interests are heard and understood by the decision makers. This may include assisting those groups in formal submissions during the development assessment process, as well as responding to Show Cause and Enforcement Notices

Grummitt Town Planners also assists in a number of community and special interest groups in the development assessment process to obtain Council and other approvals for property developments that they may wish to undertake. We have been instrumental in obtaining many approvals for places or worship and other community projects, providing innovative solutions, especially around car parking provisions.

As part of our commitment to our community, and in recognition of the significant value that they bring to our community, we offer:

We are also committed to supporting charities that support young people in our community and in Cambodia where, through our partnership with Cambodian Hope Organisation and Buy1Give1, we contribute financially towards training in income producing skills of young people and children rescued from sexual and labour exploitation.

If your group has a question in relation to its ability to undertake its activities or the impact of a development proposal upon their area of interest, please refer your enquiry to us via our Contact Page


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