Development Option Assessment

Development Option Assessment

If you are a landowner, property investor or developer, business owner, potential tenant, landlord or similar, this assessment will enable you to appraise the process required to enable the premises to be used for its optimal lawful purpose and the likelihood of obtaining town planning approval. 

This is an informative and essential comprehensive report for anyone starting out on their road to property development, or those wishing to minimise the risks involved in the development approval process.

We can provide you with our assessment of development options to help you get started on your desired development. The assessment starts at $199 for a simple single site assessment such as a 1 into 2 subdivision and secondary dwelling (granny flat). For standard single site assessments, our price is $299, which includes developments such as duplex, multiple residential (townhouse), small-scale commercial, business uses etc. 

These development assessments are usually valued at up to $750. For a more precise quote, please contact us regarding your development site.

This assessment covers all development options for property owners, including: 

As part of that assessment, we advise on the potential costs of making an application to Council including the various specialist inputs required by Council to support the application, together with likely time frames to reach a decision with Council.


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