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If you are a landowner, property investor or developer, business owner, potential tenant, landlord or similar, this assessment will enable you to appraise the process required to enable the premises to be used for its optimal lawful purpose and the likelihood of obtaining town planning approval. This is an informative and essential comprehensive report for anyone starting out on their road to property development, or those wishing to minimise the risks involved in the development approval process.

Grummitt Planning is able to assist you in preparing your development applications to Council, or, if appropriate, State Government Agencies. We will work with your preferred consultants or can recommend a range of different specialist consultants, chosen for the specific requirements of your project. 

Grummitt Planning also has extensive experience in the specialised area of mediation and the Planning & Environment Court. We are also able to provide expert advice in relation to planning appeals, should you not have a preferred Town Planning Law firm.

Grummitt Planning provides town planning reports to accompany sales campaigns for property owners and Real Estate agents outlining the planning parameters involved in the development of a property, to assist your property agent in obtaining the best possible price for the sale of your property, including the highest and best use permitted in the town planning scheme for the land. 

Grummitt Planning is frequently asked to assist clients who have been issued a Show Cause or Enforcement Notice by Council for purported breaches in Council’s Town Planning regulations. These notices are written such that most recipients are intimidated by potential fines. Our qualified and highly experienced planners can review the notice and advise the best strategy to either obtain an approval from Council, by way of a submission to Council or the lodgement of an application for a development approval, or, alternatively, suggest alternative solutions to remedy the breach or alternate locations for the business activity that will be, or can be, lawful.

Grummitt Planning has a very passionate, active involvement and a very extensive history with a number of special interest groups as well as a range of not-for-profit , charitable and religious organisations and educational institutions.  From our long involvement with community groups, we have an unparalleled understanding of their unique needs and aspirations and have successfully negotiated many development approvals covering their wide range of activities.