Why These Town Planners and Advisors are Your Ideal Option for Toowoomba Planning and Development Consultation

By Noel Grummitt
Principal Planner

If you’re a landowner or property developer, you know that there can be many headaches involved with the town planning approval process that is necessary for your building development. Whether you want to convert a single unit home into a duplex or you’re looking to build a brand-new office complex, there are multiple steps involved in getting your plans approved by Council’s town planners in Toowoomba. To make this lengthy process easier on you, we advise that you work with our town planning advisors at Grummitt Planning. Our team has decades of experience with obtaining town planning approval and all the steps that are involved in doing so.

Our company begins with an assessment to discuss the proper development options for your development proposal. These assessments cover all your development options including advice regarding town planning provisions, an appraisal of your preferred development options, and the costs and likelihood of approvals being obtained from Council. If it seems like a lot goes into our appraisals, that’s because there is. Our planners do a thorough job of providing you all the necessary information so you can make an educated decision on your building development. Our town planning advisors are available for your projects in Toowoomba to help you achieve your development outcomes.

“Our planners do a thorough job of providing you all the necessary information so you can make an educated decision on your building development.”

Assistance with Development Applications to Council in Toowoomba

One of the major services that Grummitt Planning offers is assistance with development applications. When you’re ready to build, or convert an existing building, you’ll need to prepare and submit proper applications to your Council or state government agency. We’ll ensure that your development plans and applications are correct, which will help accelerate the approval process when your plans reach Council. These applications can be complicated, and we recommend that you work with our consultants during this preparation.

We don’t just work with property developers. We also have a very active involvement with many community groups, special interest groups, not-for-profit organisations and educational institutions. Our advisors provide town planning advice and support for these groups, including advice on development proposals and their impact on the community as well as our standard development assessment process. We are committed to our community and our relationships with not-for-profits, which is why we offer our entire range of services to these types of organisations.

Whether you’re a single entity or a charitable organisation in Toowoomba, our town planner team can assist you with your development plans.

About Us

Grummitt Planning offers over 80 years of local and international experience in the town planning and development industry. We have a team of dedicated, educated planners who, led by Noel Grummitt, strive to offer the best, most informed development assessment and planning advice in the state. Since 1997, this business has provided town planning advice to public, private, and charitable organisations, combining our local knowledge and expertise to help streamline your involvement with local Councils.

Our goal is to make the town planning approval process for your development as quick and easy as possible.

 For more information, call us on 1300 713 033 / (07) 5564 0484; or visit our contact page.