RiskSmart Assessment to Include Small Business Users

By Noel Grummitt
Principal Planner

The Gold Coast City Council has taken a step forward this week by introducing RiskSmart Assessment for commercial businesses. 

RiskSmart Assessment is a fast tracked development approval process that can see low risk developments approved in as little as 5 days. This week the RiskSmart Process has been expanded to include a number of small businesses. 

According to the GCCC “The fast assessment turnaround will soon be available on selected code assessable applications for commercial services; convenience stores, medical centres, offices, restaurants, shops, takeaway food outlets and tourist shops”. 

This is good news as it will improve the development application speed of many small businesses on the Gold Coast and possibly lead to an increase in the number of available jobs. 

Chair of City Planning, Councillor Cameron Caldwell stated that “We’re certainly hoping to see more commercial development applications as a result of this initiative and in the long term, the creation of more jobs,”.

One of the biggest obstacles to small businesses commencing on the Gold Coast is the excessive red tape involved in obtaining development approval. Now with many of these businesses being added to the RiskSmart assessment list, a 5 day turnaround approval may be possible for many new small businesses.

If you would like to have your business use approved through a RiskSmart Assessment we at Grummitt Planning would love to help you.