Ease the Process of Filing Gold Coast Development Applications and Getting Planning Approvals with Grummitt Planning

By Noel Grummitt
Principal Planner

The process of property development is long and fraught with potential pitfalls, from compliance issues to missed deadlines and beyond. In most cases, the step that development companies dread most is also the one that is most out of their control: council approval. Luckily, when it comes to Gold Coast development approvals, Grummitt Planning is here to ease some of the pain.

Reduce the Stress of Getting Your Gold Coast Development Applications Approve

Grummitt Planning has been working in the Gold Coast development industry for more than 20 years. In that time, we have built up extensive experience in dealing with the local council and helping clients navigate their development applications through the approval pipeline. Twenty years has also been more than enough time for us to cultivate healthy, positive relationships with local councillors and officers—both politically and administratively.

What do these relationships with local authorities mean for your development project? Well, if you decide to work with Grummitt Planning, you have the services of our experience and relationships with council to take the stress out of getting planning approvals in Gold Coast.

That’s not to say we can eliminate all the stress. Obviously, if your development application is not compliant with local town planning provisions and standards, the council is going to reject it no matter what or impose unwelcome conditions. However, we can help you through every stage of the process nonetheless, from assessing the feasibility of your project to preparing your development application, all the way to monitoring the application as it awaits approval.

The team at Grummitt Planning are highly familiar with council standards for town planning and property development, so much so that we can help you achieve a compliant application. The quest for compliance is one of the top reasons that developers bring us in to consult on their projects. Our knowledge is invaluable for this part of the process. We can work with your team to streamline the town planning characteristics of your proposal and make sure it meets the relevant local provisions.

Once your application is in Council, pending planning approval, we will switch from consultant to advocate. Using our connections in the council, we can monitor the progress of your application and keep you posted on up-to-the-minute development. We won’t be your ‘inside man,’ per sè, but we will keep you close to the process in a way that makes the approval wait slightly less torturous.

“The quest for compliance is one of the top reasons that developers bring us in to consult on their projects. Our knowledge is invaluable for this part of the process.”

Find out How Grummitt Planning Can Make Life Easier for Your Development Team

Waiting on a Gold Coast development application can feel like spending time in purgatory. Being in limbo is hugely frustrating when a big project and a lot of money are hanging in the balance. When you work with Grummitt Planning, the wait will at least be less frustrating. We will give you the tips and tools to hone your development plan and craft your application into something that council is more likely to approve. And because of our long and positive relationships within the local council itself, we will be able to prevent the feeling that you are being kept in the dark.

Are you interested in working with Grummitt Planning? Let our consultants make life a bit easier and less stressful for your team. 

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