Planning a Development? Find an Experienced Town Planner to Help You with Approval for the Somerset Regional Council

By Noel Grummitt
Principal Planner

The Somerset Region has plenty of exciting potential for new developers. You might want to build real estate there, or perhaps set up commercial facilities that will provide economic activity through new businesses. You might want to set up a new headquarters for your non-profit organisation, and perhaps the Somerset Region seems like the perfect place. All these pursuits have the potential to cause considerable benefit in the area, but there’s an important step you’ll have to take before you can move ahead with your plan. You’ll need to apply for development approval through the Somerset Regional Council.

“All these pursuits have the potential to cause considerable benefit in the area, but there’s an important step you’ll have to take before you can move ahead with your plan…”

How Town Planning Professionals Help with Somerset Regional Council Applications

You must apply for development approval, which can be an intimidating process. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to prepare your application alone. In fact, most developers will utilise the help of town planning consultants. The Somerset Regional Council wants to see complete and thorough applications without mistakes. Town Planning consultants are essential in putting your application together so that it meets such criteria, and improve your chances of receiving the approval you want.

It will be beneficial to rely on their knowledge. In addition to experience though, your consultants should have strong relationships with the people who will review your application. Consultants who know who to talk to can make sure that your application makes it to the people who will be able to give it the consideration it deserves. Choose a town planner acquainted with Somerset Regional Council, and you may be able to streamline your application if it is Code or Impact Assessable.

Why Grummitt Planning May be Your Best Choice for Pursuing Development Approval

Grummitt Planning can provide the town planning advice you need to appraise your project and help you apply successfully for development approval from the Somerset Regional Council. Our business has thrived for more than 20 years, connecting developers to the individual design consultants that will render them the most assistance with their projects. We also maintain a strong focus on charitable and non-profit work and are associated with B1G1. Our affiliation with them enables us to support trade training for Cambodian youth, and we take particular interest in assisting developers with ventures that will contribute to the greater public good.

No matter what kind of development you are planning in the Somerset Region, make sure you work with the right town planner or consultants. From conception to planning and the application for development approval, the professionals at Grummitt Planning can help you reduce delays and pursue success. Contact us at your earliest convenience and request to speak with a company member who can provide you with additional details on everything we can help you accomplish. We’ll be happy to show you the way forward so that you can add something new and exciting to the Somerset Region. 

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